Today’s Science Lesson

I wonder what we were testing in Science today?


Designing a Zoo

We are wrapping up our measurement unit in Math, and we’ve learned a lot about area and perimeter. For the next few days we’ll be working on a project designing a zoo. Here are the criteria for our zoos:

  • the zoo must be 23 m by 35 m
  • must have cages for rabbits, pigs, goats, ponies and donkeys, and sheep
  • each section must be clearly labelled
  • each section must be rectangular
  • the area and perimeter of each section must be indicated, and you must show how it was calculated
  • each section must be appropriate for the size of the animal (for example, the rabbits shouldn’t have the biggest cage!)
  • your work should be neat and attractive

Students had the choice to work alone or with one partner.

Here are some photos of us working on our zoos. Stay tuned for pictures of our finished projects!

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Measuring Capacity

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Today in Math we explored capacity. We were trying to figure out how to measure the amount of water that a tin can holds. We had six different groups and each group had the same size can. We used a variety of tools but we have yet to agree on the capacity of the can! We’ll keep you posted!


Our song of the week is by Stepzone. We can’t stop singing this song!

Longan Berries

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On Tuesday we all shared a new experience. None of the students had seen a longan berry before (except for one student who had visited China). We made predictions about: what they were, what they were used for and where they came from. We then took our time peeling and tasting the longan berries writing down all of the details so that we wouldn’t forget the experience. Stay tuned to the student blogs to find out more!

Les Glamies

We borrowed our Song of the Week from Mlle Steeves’ class at Park Street School. Thanks for the great song!

Toi plus moi

Our song of the week comes from France. It is the 2012 theme song for the singing competition Star Academie which is like American Idol. What do you think?