Today is the first day of school! We are very excited to learn about blogging.


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  1. Hey its Thomas hope you are having as good of a time as I did good luck with the blog and have a great year
    PS: bcms is Awesome

  2. Hey! Its me Noah, hope everybody is having a blast in mme vail and levesques class this year, cause i sure did! BCMS is so fun! theres badminton every morning and intermural soccer every lunch, we dont have alot of time for snack at 10:00 though, also with wensdays, no half days. other than that, its so fun! Hope everybody has fun this year! -Noah

  3. Are you on Twitter? My twitter name is @sylviaduckworth
    Also, you might want to add your class blog to this Google document that I have started to circulate on Twitter:

  4. Bonjour Mlle Levesque,

    I am a Core French teacher with two grade 5 classes who have just started blogging. I will provide a link to your blog so that my students can comment on it. Do you want to link with us?

    Sylvia Duckworth

  5. Happy New (School) Year, Grade 5! I look forward to following your activities in your blog this year 🙂

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