Bus Party!

This week, we were inspired by the music video from our song of the week by Be Wiz’U. In the clip, the singers are having a dance party…in their school bus!

As a class, we were really fast this week during transition times, like getting out our books or moving from our seats to the floor. As a reward, at recess today, we had our own school bus dance party !

Special thanks to Julie…the WORLD’S COOLEST BUS DRIVER! Check out the video of us rocking out to our favourite French songs.


7 Responses

  1. Je suis triste j’etait pas ici pour ca!

  2. The bus party was great! I want to do it every Friday

  3. That was awsome! We loved it thanks:).

  4. It was awesome! Wanna do it every week!

  5. j’ai trouver que cette fete de l’autobus etait tellement amusant! Peut-etre, a la fin de l’annee, on peut regarder (pas tout) beaucoup de notre chanson de la semaine. Je pense que tout le monde a aimer le fete de danse danse l’auto bus! Merci a Julie!

  6. LOVE that party bus video! Looks like everyone was having a great time.

  7. Great Bus Party!!!

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