Shape sorts!

We have begun a new math unit: Geometry. We’ve been discussing which terms are best for describing the geometric attributes of 2-D shapes. Today we did a Shape Sort, categorizing a group of shapes according to their different properties.

Here are some pictures of us at work:

Let’s have a look at this 2-D shape. In the comments, try to describe some of its attributes using math words such as: vertical, horizontal, diagonal, right angles, perpendicular, parallel, symmetrical, etc.



5 Responses

  1. Il y a deux lignes courber et un angle droit

  2. Il y a 2 lignes courbes,il y a 1 angle droit,il n’y a pas de lignes diagonale et c’est pas symetrique.

  3. There is 1 right angle, 1 curve, no parallel lines and 2 straight lines.

  4. Il y a un angle droit et un linges courber


  5. One horizontal line one vertical line two curved lines it has one right angle and a set of perpendicular lines.

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