Today’s Science Lesson

I wonder what we were testing in Science today?


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  1. Interesting! Why didn’t the 2 colours mix?

  2. Today in science we mixed purple and red corn sirop. well it did not mix, but it did make a purple line in the middle.

    -Gavin 🙂

  3. Today we learned if corn syrup can mix and it can my group and i did a experiment and we did blue and red corn syrup and it just made a line of purple and thatswhat we did in science.

  4. in science we learnd that if you put bleu and red corn sirop the couleur will come off and make a lign in the middle

  5. That was a very cool science experiment. I wold love to do it again some day.

    Thank you for making thes grate science experiment.

  6. Today in science, we mixed red and blue corn syrop to see if it made a magical line in the middle and it made a made a magical purple line.

    -Shane 🙂

  7. we just did a cool and colerfull sience porject today with corn sirope it was a lot of fun. 🙂 .

  8. Today in science class we learned that if you put certain kinds of surgery thing’s , like m&m’s , mini eggs and corn syrup, it will form a ligne.. but only if you put two or them /drop’s in.

  9. Hi today in science my group and other groups put water in a plate and put blue corn syrup and red corn syrup. In are group the colors didnt mix there was a line beetween them same with the others. It was fun. You should try it sometime
    stuff you need:
    Water room temperture
    red and blue corn syrup
    2 cups
    and 2 spoons 😀 thanks

  10. Wow!!! That’s sooooo coooool!!! Using corn syrop with science. I’m gonna try that too!!!!!

  11. That was a very cool science experiment! Those colours just wouldn’t mix… There was a huge and perfectly straight line in between the corn syrup!

  12. Est-ce que la ligne est uniquement pour les M&M? Aujourd’hui en science, on a fait une expérience avec du sirop maïs et deux M&M. On « testait » nos expérience de la semaine dernière. La semaine dernière on avait mis de M&M dans l’eau pour voir s’il y aurait un linge de couleur qui séparait les deux couleurs. Cette semaine on a mis du sirop de maïs pour voir s’il y aurait une ligne de couleur.

    Claire et Anika

  13. We tested if the colors from different candy will mix. So far we tested M&Ms Jelly Beans and colored corn syrup. I’m excited to see if our prediction is right?

  14. Corn syrup + Food coloring and room temperature water = a fun science experiment! We wonder if it works with jaw brakers. It also might be fun we gummies.

  15. In science today we tested a theory; the line. With M&Ms, Skittles and corn syrup their color disappeared into the water.

  16. Today in science we learned that corn syrup makes a color “line” and does not mix the colors. (Just like M&M’s!)

  17. In science today we learned about what would happen if blue corn sirop
    and red corn sirop 2cm apart and if thay would mix.
    Well they didn’t mix but they made a magic line in the middle of the paper plate

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