Longan Berries

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On Tuesday we all shared a new experience. None of the students had seen a longan berry before (except for one student who had visited China). We made predictions about: what they were, what they were used for and where they came from. We then took our time peeling and tasting the longan berries writing down all of the details so that we wouldn’t forget the experience. Stay tuned to the student blogs to find out more!


Notre amitie

This week’s song is a blast from the past. What do you think?


Working on our Communication Skills

This week and next, we are preparing 3-minuteĀ oral presentations that we will give in front of an audience of our classmates, teachers and other adults in the school. We have been watching different speakers and analyzing what makes them effective presenters.

We will be using the following rubric to evaluate students’ presentations. In addition to our assessments, tudents will be evaluating each other.

Here is a challenge: Watch this short talk by Matt Cutts entitled “Try something new for 30 days”. Use the rubric to evaluate one aspect of his speech, for example, eye contact or organization. Explain your choice in the comments. You can also respond with comments about the speaker’s message.

Chanson de la semaine: Tout tout tout

This song is another one by Gary Fico, one of our favourite singers. Gary is singing about wanting everything right away…”like an impatient kid”. Have you ever felt like that?