Today’s Science Lesson

I wonder what we were testing in Science today?


Measuring Capacity

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Today in Math we explored capacity. We were trying to figure out how to measure the amount of water that a tin can holds. We had six different groups and each group had the same size can. We used a variety of tools but we have yet to agree on the capacity of the can! We’ll keep you posted!

Toi plus moi

Our song of the week comes from France. It is the 2012 theme song for the singing competition Star Academie which is like American Idol. What do you think?

The Bobcats of New Maryland

As you may know, the mascot of NMES is the bobcat. Today for art we experimented with drawing bobcats. The results for very impressive! Check them out below. Challenge: Can you post a little-known fact about bobcats in the comments?

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Le patinage

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Le 14 fevrier, nous sommes allés patiner pour fêter la Saint-Valentin. Il faisait tellement beau (pas trop froid!) et il était si agréable de passer du temps dehors! Nous voici en train de nous amuser.

Yoga for the Brain

Today we missed our regular phys ed class so we did some yoga in the classroom instead. Yoga is great exercise for the body but it’s good for the brain as well!

Here are some photos of us doing yoga. Can you research the benefits of yoga for the brain and tell us about your findings in the comments?

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Allo le ciel

What do you think of this week’s song?