The Bobcats of New Maryland

As you may know, the mascot of NMES is the bobcat. Today for art we experimented with drawing bobcats. The results for very impressive! Check them out below. Challenge: Can you post a little-known fact about bobcats in the comments?

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C’est moi!

This is our new song of the week. It is currently in the Top 40 on iTunes. We really love the beat of this song!

Le patinage

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Le 14 fevrier, nous sommes allés patiner pour fêter la Saint-Valentin. Il faisait tellement beau (pas trop froid!) et il était si agréable de passer du temps dehors! Nous voici en train de nous amuser.

Ma besta

As-tu une besta?


En stereo

Na na na

This song has become a class favourite. What do you think?

Notre amitie

This week’s song is a blast from the past. What do you think?